At the beginning of this month, I wanted to write more/at all and I have been. So far it’s two short stories that I have added to a little bit every day. Not sure if I’ll continue with only those two or start different ones. We’ll see.

Nail polish sets pt. 13

April 2nd
April 9th
April 16th

polishes used left to right

Holo Taco: Royal-tea blue, Green Screen, Duct tape Gray, Banana Hacks, One Coat Black

Holo Taco: Midnight Spark, Cyantific, Duct Tape Gray, One Coat Black, Maniology: Nail plate MXM051, random gold flakes

Holo Taco: Not Milky White, Missed-shift Linear Holo Taco

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Vegan Pure Multi-Vitamin Super Strength Growth

April 23rd
April 30th

polishes used from left to right

Holot Tco: Peach Tea, Coral Chaser, Pink Fizz, Sparkling Water, Lavender Syrup

Holo Taco: Indigo Away, Not Milky White, Maniology: Cozy, Nail plate MXM053, MXM054

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Vegan Pure Multi-Vitamin Super Strength Growth

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Books I’ve read / listened to pt. 12

March 14th to April 13th

Rated out of 5 stars. In ordered of date finished. Follow my goodreads if you’d like https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/77375179-myrandombrain

*A game of fate by scarlett st. clair 3 stars Hades is just like Edward with his need to protect Persephone in an extra way. (I guess that’s how you’d say it)

*A deadly Education by naomi novik 4 stars Seems like a cool world/school even with the constant threat of death.

*bridge of souls by victoria schwab 5 stars The ending was perfect, so happy that Jacob, Cassidy, and Lara Jayne are all really good friends now and aren’t in any danger at the moment.

*^the last life of prince alastor by alexandra bracken 5 stars Holy crap I can’t explain what I love about this book but it was just so good.

*fable by Adrienne young 5 stars The ending, West, all of it, I wasn’t ready.

*A touch of ruin by scarlett st. clair 2 stars It’s all smut with 1% plot I’m not sure if I’ll continue the series.

*the afterlife of Holly Chase By cynthia hand 5 stars The ending was great, the whole book was really good. I can see why people reread this book every year.

*The lost apothecary by sarah penner 5 stars First off James hardcore sucks. When I started this book I kind of disliked Carolines pov and wished we got to see Nella and Eliza more but by the end, all of the povs were balanced well for me.

*A Universe of wishes edited by Dhonielle Clayton and 14 authors 5 stars A Universe of Wishes, A Royal Affair, and The Silk Blade were my favorites

*^Lore by alexandra bracken 4 stars All the Gods were sucky with Athena being on a different level. The ending was nice tough.

listened to the audiobook *

Read the physical book ^

Read the e-book +

https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/# made by @dehyedration on instagram and twitter

https://mthg.org/ @quileutetribe on instagram and their webite https://quileutenation.org/

https://anti-asianviolenceresources.carrd.co/ and https://stopasianhate.carrd.co/ not sure who made them but saw them on @BTSFARE on twitter first

Nail polish sets pt. 12

March 5th
March 12th
March 19th

polishes used left to right

Maniology: Aphrodite, old kiss nail stickers

Holotaco: What doyou pink?, Cyantific, One coat Black, Lunar Unicorn Skin, Maniology: Lace, Nail Plates: MXM051, MXM052, M187

Opi: Sun, Sea, and Sand in My Pants, Holotaco: Scattered Holo Taco, Maniology: Leather Nail Plates: M187, MXM051

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Vegan Pure Multi-Vitamin Super Strength Growth

March 27th

polishes used from left to right

Opi: Set in Stone, Illimité: LA Femme Fleur, Holotaco: Galactic Unicorn Skin

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Vegan Pure Multi-Vitamin Super Strength Growth

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Plant update

The plant in the middle (Cordelia) is one of the original plants from back in November, I no longer have the other plant as it did not make it past the new year. The one on the left is called Rie it’s a crassula perforata variegata and the other one is called Violet a crassula platyphylla.