Things that matter

Here are some links that will be helpful:

Black lives matter

https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/# made by @dehyedration on instagram and twitter

bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES made by Alyssa Klein @dj_diabeatic on twitter and Sarah Sophie Flicker @sarahsophief

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Xa9Av-NfuFsWBHlsMvPiqJHdNedZgnCRW56qAS-7PGQ/mobilebasic made by @girlonthegowithafro on instagram and @onthegowithafro in twtter


https://helplebanon.carrd.co/ made by Ramzey @ramz_53 on twitter

The Quileute tribe

https://mthg.org/ @quileutetribe on instagram and their webite https://quileutenation.org/

OwlCrate unboxing sort of

Hey everyone, my November OwlCrate box arrived today and, I thought I’d show you all what came in it. This months theme is Growing Wid.

As you can see in the picture, there are 6+ items. From the top, there are 5 different flower prints inspired by Lord of the Rings. The big square to the left is a flower press inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic. Next to that is Among the Beast and Briars by Ashley Poston. To the right of the book is a 12 month Reading Planner with plants on the covers. In front of the flower press is a sticker sheet featuring botany and OwlCrate sets. The last 2 things in the middle are a bear pin based on a character from the book above and a dandelion pendant necklace inspired by Wild Beauty.

Not sponsored

My ear stretching journey sort of

I’ve been stretching my ears since I was 17 and, I don’t think I’ll ever get past an 8 gauge. I’ve had them at this size for 2 almost 3 years. This year I’ve tried multiple times to go to a 7g. I have been actively dead stretching it is, a lot of waiting, oiling my ears, and trying to see if the larger jewelry will fit. It’s only been 6ish months of me doing this and, with very little progress, I might have to come to terms that I’ll be at an 8g forever (hopefully not).

I wrote this in 5 minutes

As I write this, it’s 11:11 and, my laptop is slow so, I’m taking my time, yes I could write this on my phone but I like writing on my laptop. It’s 11:11 and, I don’t know what to write but I put on a timer and just typed. It’s 11:11 and, I’m not sure it’s good but it’s something. It’s 11:11 and, I was trying to be poetic but I’m sure I failed. It’s 11:11 and, I will take all the criticism for this because, honestly, I could have tried harder.

Ps I did finish this in 5 minutes and start this at 11:11 but my laptop is slow and froze when I went to plug it in.

Book cover

My mom and I made a book cover yesterday. It’s not the best because we guesstimated the cuts and how much elastic we would need but, it looks good and works well (plus the fabric is cute).

The book cover laying flat
The book cover holding Legendborn for reference

Shows I’ve watched recently

Haven’t formed an opinion on any of the shows that I’m currently watching other than they are good shows.

  • The worst witch
  • Hannibal
  • The Shannara Chronicles
  • The Legend of Korra

Just finished

  • Grimm started – this earlier in the year and did really like the series but wished we got to see how all the kids turned out as we don’t get to meet them and only hear about them but the whole series was so good
  • Bates Motel – started this series last year but stopped watching with 4 episodes left (not sure why I just did) so, I wasn’t invested anymore but the ending was still good just a little sad