Yesterday I started rewatching ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (I’m on episode 4). And, wow 2009 was a different time clearly it was 11 years ago but, still. It’s weird to see how we used to act and dress and how quickly it changes. I was only 10 when the first episode aired and definitely wouldn’t have been allowed to watch the show and my phone only had my parents, numbers for emergencies.


Nail polish sets pt. 8

November 6th
November 13th
November 20th

polishes used left to right

Holo Taco: Got Cake?, Live Love Polish: Strawberry Daiquiri

Holo Taco: Gift Receipt, Cold Shoulder, Maniology: Fleece, Frigid, Nailplates: MXM043,M086

Holo Taco: One Coat Black, Not Milky White, Cheap Champagne, Maniology: MXM041

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Nail-aid biotin ultimate strength

November 27th

polishes used from left to right

Live Love Polish: La Femme Fleur, Juniper

Top coat- Seche Vite, Base coat- Nail-aid biotin ultimate strength

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Be honest

Now that it’s the day after Thanksgiving have you started putting out Christmas decorations. My mom wanted to get the Christmas stuff out from the shed and put it up but, everyone else in the house (me included) doesn’t want it out until December. Especially, because we keep the stuff out until like the 2nd week of January depending on the weather.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody

I hope you were able to spend time with family even if it was through a screen or in-person (if you were safe and able to do so). Normally, my mom and I would make the sides while my dad and brother make the turkeys at our place then, go to my aunt’s house with everyone and eat there. This year we dropped off the food on their doorstep and ate by ourselves at our place (a lot of my family is high risk so, we weren’t risking it).


I finished ‘The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue’ this morning and, it changed my perspective of wanting to know when I die. One of the main characters makes a year-long deal to be loved, at the cost of his soul. So he tries to make a lot of memories and do a lot in that time frame but, as the second comes closer to the last, he realizes he wants more time and that your life is always a few seconds short of what you want. I summarize what happened and left it as vague as possible so that it doesn’t spoil the book.
But I now know that I’m content in not knowing when I die.