As of March the 20th I’ve been vegan for three years (and some months). I think it was one of the best things I could have done, I just wish I had made that choice earlier in my life. Before I went vegan I was barely eating any vegetables now I can’t get enough of them. The one thing I don’t think I will ever be able to get behind is having like a million bananas a day, they just taste weird to me. I went vegan for health reasons but I’m going to stay for ethical reasons and the vegan ice cream (because it’s awesome).

The good

I eat a lot more vegetables than I previously did. I also save some money because I’m not buying fast food anymore (fast food is a regular thing at my house). I have a really bad sweet tooth so when we used to make desserts I would eat a little bit more than I should have and I would always feel bad afterward. Now if I eat more than I should I don’t feel bad at all (but this could just be a me thing, not a vegan thing).

The bad

I will say though it sucks being the only vegan in my family; always asking me if I got enough protein for the day or if I want food from the table (that either has meat or dairy in it) even though I reject their offers every time, it isn’t as frequent as it used to be so I’m glad about that.

And everything else

This is just my three-year summary I guess. Even though I transitioned from a ‘regular’ diet to a vegan diet it wasn’t that hard for me. I never like meat a lot and with my body not agreeing to dairy all of the time I didn’t struggle with taking those items out of my diet (I would rarely eat eggs so that was super easy to take out).


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