Books I’ve read / listened to pt. 9

December 14th to January 13th

Rated out of 5 stars. In ordered of date finished. Follow my goodreads if you’d like

*The Night Swim by Megan Goldin 4 stars Difficult read but, it was great.

*The haunting of hill house by shirley jackson 2 stars This wasn’t what I expected. I read this after watching the tv show. I went in ready for a scare and got the opposite though the writing was good.

*the lost sisters by holly black 3 stars Taryn wasn’t a great sister and, her excuses were worse. My opinion of her didn’t change after reading this.

+sour candy Kealan patrick burke 3 stars It was a nice short story but, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

*the wicked king by holly black 4 stars The ending left me wordless in a good way.

*queen of nothing by holly black 5 stars From start to finish, the book is a wild ride. I don’t think it couldn’t have been better.

*vampire academy by richelle mead 3 stars Apart from the slut-shaming, it was a good book.

^The midnight library by matt haig 5 stars I almost cried, might be one of my favorite books this year.

^+and the trees crept in by Dawn Kurtagich 5 stars (SPOILER) Both the characters and I are dead.

*crush by tracy wolff 3 stars Grace and Hudsons’ bickering made the book better.

^how the king of elfhame learned to hate stories by holly black 4 stars Short stories about how Cardan became Cardan, don’t read this if you arent ready for sadness.

*cemetery boys by aiden thomas 5 stars Super cozy read.

*mexican gothic by silvia moreno-garcia 4 stars (SPOILER) So happy that the gaslighting characters died and that Nomeí didn’t get majorly hurt and got away.

*catherine house by elisabeth thomas 3 stars Too good to be true. I liked the idea of this book until I read it. The ending kind of ruined it for me.

*The black flamingo by dean atta 5 stars Even though it’s a short read it, had a good message. I can’t name one bad thing from this book.

Listened to the audiobook *

Read the physical book ^

Read the e-book + made by @dehyedration on instagram and twitter @quileutetribe on instagram and their webite


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