Books I’ve read / listened to pt. 13

April 14th to May 13th

Rated out of 5 stars. In ordered of date finished. Follow my goodreads if you’d like

*Amari and The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston 5 stars It’s such a good book and the ending oh my gosh did not expect that. Can’t wait for the other books to come out.

+Vampires never get old: tales with Fresh Bites edited by Zoraida Córdova and Natalie C. Parker with 11 authors 4 stars The Boys from Blood River, Mirrors, Windows and, Selfies, The House of Black Sapphires, and First Kill were my favorites.

*Good Girl, Bad Blood by Holly Jackson 5 stars The whole book was great and I like how the mystery tied up. Somehow I’m sure book 3 will be even better.

*The Darkest part of the forest by Holly Black 5 stars I like the relationships between the characters and how they don’t turn on each other unlike how everyone else did. This was such a fast read.

*Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick 3 stars I get that Nora is drawn to Patch but she just trusts him at the end when he’s still a little sketchy plus (like no calm down for a second) all the second-hand embarrassment.

*^Covet by Tracy Wolff 4 stars I cried during chapters 156 through 158 they were heartbreaking and had to take a break from this book.

*Namesake by Adrienne Young 5 stars Because of how this book started I wasn’t expecting the ending we got. Everything is so nicely wrapped up, and the characters were better than I remembered.

Listened to the audiobook *

Read the physical book ^

Read the e-book + made by @dehyedration on instagram and twitter @quileutetribe on instagram and their webite and not sure who made them but saw them on @BTSFARE on twitter first


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