Books I’ve read / listened to pt. 15

June 14th to July 13th

Rated out of 5 stars. In ordered of date finished. Follow my goodreads if you’d like

*the afterlife of the party by marlene perez 4 stars Tansy really is a good friend for trying to do everything to get her best friend back. It was easy to see a betrayal going to happen because the character was a little spotty.

*house of hollow by krystal sutherland 5 stars I thought the Hollow sisters were magically sick but, I was so wrong. So many characters were, wronged by just one person it’s unbelievable.

*finale by becca fitzpatrick 4 stars Nora grows up a little bit which is great but, quite a few people had to die for her to do so. The ending is bittersweet but, this book was far better than the others in the series.

*wings of ebony by J. elle 5 stars Going into this book just from the title, I thought it was about fairies but, I was off. This book is fantastic, the world-building, familial bonding, and how Rue deals with everything.

*radio silence by alice oseman 4 stars Everything got so twisted because they couldn’t communicate/connect on the same level and, it didn’t help with an abusive parent.

+teen titans: raven by kami garcia 5 stars A cute graphic novel with some tragedy on Raven, getting her memory back after a car accident.

*the graveyard book by neil gaiman 5 stars Wholesome book excluding the murders about a kid having to grow up a little too quick and, I totally cried during the last chapters.

+this spell can’t last by isabel sterling 5 stars The drama. I didn’t like Veronica much in the first book but, I didn’t realize how bad she could be. Hannah deserves better.

*the sleeper and the spindle by neil gaiman 5 stars I loved this take of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. (SPOILER) having Sleeping Beauty as the evil witch was a fantastic idea.

+teen titans: beast boy by kami garcia 5 stars Quick read, sucks that Gar found out that his parents lied to him most of his life. At least he knows the truth now and can figure himself out.

+the ghost collector by allison mills 5 stars Such a great book that realistically deals with grief. I cried for half this book.

Listened to the audiobook *

Read the physical book ^

Read the e-book + made by @dehyedration on instagram and twitter @quileutetribe on instagram and their webite and not sure who made them but saw them on @BTSFARE on twitter first


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